Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter Safety Tips for Fido or Fluffy

With winter fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to mention some tips on keeping our dogs safe in cold weather.

1. When out walking your dog please be aware that his paws can become irritated by the ice melting salt thrown on sidewalks. When you return home please check your dogs pads and wipe them clean so he cannot lick any of the salt off the paws which can make him sick.  Further it is important to remove this salt on the feet as it can cause irritation to his pads.

2. As always, be watchful of antifreeze.  Engine coolant is toxic to dogs and cats.

3. Make sure your dog is properly protected from the elements when outside in cold weather.  Remember that Windchill Factors apply to all living things. And frostbite is a real danger for your pets.  If you have a short haired breed of dog that is not as well protected from the cold perhaps a coat or sweater is in order.  Even if you have a breed of dog that is protected don't leave them outside.

4. Your dog needs fresh water to drink at all times.  Snow is not acceptable as a source of water.  The simple act of eating snow lowers the core body temperature and can be dangerous to your dog in cold weather.

5. Make sure your dog has a cozy place to sleep off the floor and away from drafts.

6. If you have a dog that enjoys spending time outside in the cold weather make sure to increase their food intake with a good protein source.

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