Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Old Soul With a Kind Heart

My introduction to the wonderful world of pitbulls, what a wonderful guy he was.  So glad that he came into our lives.  So sad that it was such a short time. He touched so many hearts.  Hard to believe somebody abandoned this guy.  He was old and just need a warm loving home to live out the rest of his days. I was proud to give that to him. He brought so much to us for a year and asked so little in return.  A body to snuggle with, a blanket to cuddle under, a sunbeam to lay in, a kind word, regular meals, love and companionship.  All for the low low price of unconditional love.

Duke was well known in the shelter and loved by all that met him. This old soul with a kind heart spent many days in the shelter office keeping the staff company during the day and saying hello to clients who would come to visit. He greeted everyone with such trust even though he was hard of hearing and partially blind from age.  I met him one day when I came to volunteer I was told of his wonderful personality and some of his health issues and told his story.  Somebody abandoned this guy in cold weather probably because he had some health issues and nobody wanted to adopt him because of his age/health.  I was asked to foster him until he passed.  The staff did not expect him to live longer than 3-6 months. I decided that I was going to try and give this guy the best home I could possibly provide and give him the love and attention he deserved in his final days. 

Our family was blessed with his company for one year and one month.  As you can see in the above picture he is with my daughter; they adored each other.  We frequently lament his absence and talk about the his quirky little habits.  His snoring when he slept and the fact that he slept so soundly because he was hard of hearing.  His "wind up" to a bark, bark. You always knew when he was getting ready to bark because he would lower his head very slowly then his head would raise up quickly as he would let out two barks while kind of hopping on his front legs.  It is all those wonderful little things that we cherish most.

Enjoy those moments with the ones you love.

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