Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Animal Rescue Center

Exciting news in the animal welfare industry in Wisconsin.  An experienced group of people have formed the newest rescue organization right here in Sheboygan County.  All Animal Rescue Center is intending on providing valuable services to our community as well as surrounding communities by providing much needed services.

  • Providing a safe outdoor canine recreational area (dog park).  A fenced area for a general population of dogs who get along well with others and an area for dogs that are not as well socialized.  Both areas will be secured, and admittance is only allowed with a pass key.  In doing so, this will ensure that all dogs coming into the area are properly licensed and vaccinated. If your dog prefers people to other pooches a separate fenced area for these dogs will be available on an 'appointment' type basis allowing only one dog or dog family in the area at a time without worrying about an unexpected encounter with another dog. Therefore, allowing all dogs a chance to get out and exercise.  Fenced areas will be separated by a double fence; putting a 'buffer zone' in between so there is no chance of fence fighting or unwanted encounters with other dogs.  Also, there are plans for paths and trails throughout the surrounding area to allow for fantastic casual walks  on leash with your dog through open fields and wooded lanes.  This will be the first canine recreational area that provides a safe place for ALL dogs to run around and have fun with their people without the fear of running across another dog off leash.  
  • A new Adoption Center is planned as well.  AARC will be opening its doors to the area strays, providing them with the needed care and keeping until they can find their forever homes or be claimed by their owners.  In addition, AARC will provide pets of victims of domestic abuse emergency housing and care so all potential victims are safe and secure. One less thing for these families to worry about and they will know their beloved family pet is being taken care of allowing them the time to heal and secure safe housing for themselves. Area rescues are always in need of space to showcase their animals; AARC wishes to provide this to them.  Instead of having to get limited space at the local pet stores and events, we would provide them with kennel space as well as a safe place for the public to meet their new family members.  In doing so we can increase their adoption rates by offering more exposure.
This describes the first phase of development and requires a lot of community support and cooperation.  ALL ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER will continue to strive to provide services that exceed expectations.
Please join us and help to make this a reality.  Make your tax deductible donation today!

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